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The Friz - World Vibe Fest - DJ Set Phot

        Chicagoland based musician, Tori Brunet, calls her music The Friz.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, DJ, Instrumentalist...the list continues to expand.

The Friz music is influenced by an organic-electronic sound spectrum, mystical textures, and mother nature. Each song is dipped in celestial synthesis, real worldly instruments, and deep grounding bass. She always takes advantage of her surroundings by recording thunderstorms, birds, or room ambiance. Her music can be experienced as dreamy, spiritual, immersive, and healing,

encompassing both yin and yang energy

throughout her sound.

  Tori is a very diverse musician who experiments with many different genres and styles of music. She has a very euphoric underground vibe, mixing elements of Downtempo, Dubstep, RnB, Indie-Electronic, Hip-Hop and others. She sees endless possibilities and always reaches for the abstract.


Tori's greatest inspiration is the Earth and the Cosmos. Mother Nature and the connection of the entire universe.

Her songs can be heard many times and each time the listener may hear something new. Within her soundscapes she weaves wolf howls and tea pots, owl hoots and the waves of the ocean,  even ticking clocks and raindrops.

You can hear the influence of her journeys with psychedelics and

sacred plant medicines.  

On November 19, 2021 The Friz released her debut album,

Out Of This World.

At the release party Tori made a speech about her intention for this album and her vision for The Friz.

Here is what she said...

"Before I get into the music, I want to take a moment to speak my intention of this album and this entire Friz project. From the very beginning I have had a big vision for my music and the kind of waves I dreamt it would create. The vision goes far beyond the music that I make in my bedroom. It’s really more about a space that we can all co-create together as a community. A community that is built on kindness, support, respect for one another and the Earth, friendship, family and most importantly, love. We gather to share and admire art, to laugh and dance and celebrate life together...


The Friz is all about being exactly who you were made to be. Its all about finding the love within yourself and radiating it back out into the world.Yes, we are celebrating my debut album but we are also celebrating all of our infinitely unique beauty and our ever-growing frizzy family.This is officially our first of MANY gatherings. At these gatherings you can always expect to experience an immersive space that is accepting of everyone no matter our color, race, gender, or sexuality. A space where everyone can feel safe, accepted, and loved. A space where you can be free, let loose, connect, and truly let your freak flag fly."

Tori welcomes you to explore the atmospheric, ethereal, bass-wrapped
auditory dream world that is,

The Friz.


A little story about how The Friz got it’s name:
Yes I did name my music after my crazy, curly, frizzy hair but it has a much deeper meaning. Growing up I hated my hair. I always felt ugly and for a while I didn’t have any friends who could relate. I spent hours every day straightening my hair just so I could feel pretty. It was rare that anyone ever saw me with my curls because I was always trying to hide them. Looking back I laugh because my friends and I would get so dolled up for the clubs and after dancing all night and getting all hot and sweaty my hair would slowly grow into an afro by the end of the night. A lesson that I had to keep learning over and over again is that you can’t hide who you truly are no matter how hard you try. It seemed that my life constantly revolved around trying to control my frizz when I really should have just let it fly. Today I honor myself and the decision to name my art after the one thing I hated about myself the most...

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